I don’t feel angry or frustrated, anytime I read any article or posts by a Yoruba or Hausa/Fulani person questioning what Ndi Igbo mean by these unending cry of marginalization in Nigeria .  This is expected , because people that enjoy deliberately created advantages over their competition will always want it to remain so and will hardly give it up unless pressed to the wall . 
However, I get deeply perplexed, any time I read such queries from someone , who bear the Igbo name , especially , those who migrated abroad to escape the suffocating environment back home . 
Anyway ,  for the umpteenth time,  I would devote time again on this space to enlighten once more , all those who have shown genuine or mischievous lack of understanding and  comprehension of what the Igbo agitation is all about . 
I wish to God , I can help you understand. But I will try again. 
1. Please kindly note that the Igbo agitation is not a hatred towards any ethnic group or people  . I don’t know why people are pushing such wicked narratives . I don’t know what those driving it want to achieve . Perhaps , to draw opprobrium towards Ndi Igbo.  
2. The Igbo agitation is not to occupy the Presidency or to be given all the juicy political  appointment in Abuja. We don’t need it . Those who occupied those positions in the past benefitted only their filthy pockets . 
3. The Igbo agitation is not to be given the Oil wells  in the Niger delta or the land mass of the North or the resources of west  . No it is not . If it is , we would not be at the vanguard of the call for resource control in Nigerian . 
4. The Igbo agitation is simply for Nigeria to give level playing ground to every/all the  stakeholders within the Nigerian space/perfect .  The Igbo agitation is an unequivocal  demand for equity , justice , fairness equality and excellence to all . 
5. To be more specific , the Igbos demand for a total restructuring of Nigeria to what we had in 1963 , that was beneficial to all . What this simply means is that the Igbos demand for a redrawing of the fiscal , governance , political , socioeconomic , resource control and autonomous architecture of Nigeria to enable her people and other people that make up Nigeria to develop their home stead at their own pace and at their own terms without being stifled of their entrepreneurial and enterprising spirits . 
6. If the autonomous, resource control , governance and fiscal architecture of Nigeria is overhauled to what we had in 1963, with the exclusive list for the FGN reduced to just control of defence and foreign relation of Nigeria , given them only 20% of our national revenues . If the six regions are allowed to control 50% of whatever they produce within their land and allow to build ,  develop  their own infrastructure and enter into whatever alliances that can enhance the growth of their infrastructure and human capital without the overbearing influence of Abuja. The following things will happen . 
#Ndi Igbo will now be able to enter into alliances with the SS region to create mutually beneficial sea pathways into ala Igbo without recourse to Abuja. 
#What this means is that all the trillions of naira, jobs, physical , fiscal and infrastructural development that are concentrated in Lagos, will now move to Aba and Onitsha. Our containers shall be cleared in Onitsha and Aba. Those importers and big businessmen that struggle to buy houses in Banana Island , Lekki and VI at cut throat prices will now create their own plantain Islands nearer home by the coast of the Niger river near the overhead bridge. Many will  relocate home . 
#Autonomy will also allow the regional government of the SE to negotiate and attract consulate presence of the US, UK, EU, China and other countries in Enugu and Owerri. What this means is that my age mother will not come to Lagos or travel to Abuja to secure her visa to travel abroad . She will not have  waste my  resources flying to Lagos .  She won’t need to come to Lagos for a connecting flight to Dubai. Just imagine the aggregate and cumulative jobs, fiscal , physical and infrastructural development that this arrangement will bring . 
#Autonomy and Resource control will allow the SE regional government to develop her education system that suits her people and will not suffer the ignominy of having her sons who score 200/300 in a federal common entrance exam denied admission into a Federal school , only to allot their positions to kids from Zamfara who scored 4/300. 
#Autonomy , Resource control and fiscal federalism, will allow the regional government of the SE the latitude and constitutional unencumberances to enter into partnerships with the regions of the SS or SW or NC to develop rail system links that connects even to outside niegbouring countries in such viable designs and structures that is not subject to the overbearing influences of Abuja. Igbos love PPP. Igbos are commercial oriented and will not mind several toll projects that will develop ala igbo,unlike our neighbours who love freebies and will want us to build unviable  highways and site projects that leads to no where just to satisfy nepotistic inclinations and put the debt burden on others . 
It will also allow Ndi Igbo to harness and tap into all the solid mineral resources and natural resources that God endowed us with , without recourse to Abuja and external limitations . It will also enable us have our regional police that can easily checkmate home grown crimes and stop the murderous antics of the terrorist herdsmen .
If these international  sea , air and land gateways are created in the SE region , many Igbo owned businesses sited in other regions will relocate to the homeland . 
If Nigeria is restructured today to what we have in1963; this  agitation and cry for marginalisation will stop immediately . 
Ndi Igbo  do not seek to take anyone’s land without paying for it . We don’t want a beggarly feeding bottle federalism . 
That the other ethnic nationalities  are okay with the rot and perfidy in the land does not mean we should keep quiet . We complain louder than others because the current wicked , warped , fraudulent and mediocre driven Nigerian  structures stifles our enterprise and free spirit.
For folks like Dany Olerum, Ifeanyi Hester, and all those , who claim that the outcry of the people of the SE are misplaced , I hope you will come around and appreciate what this agitation is all about . Let’s stop spreading some of these shallow narratives . Let’s dig deeper to unearth the root causative agents that feeds this agitation so as to provide the required lasting and sustainable solutions to it . No more elixirs or opiates . 
#let’s discuss .
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  1. This is what it is. The fraud in Nigeria structure as it is now is very dangerous and had stiffed development in SE. It is intentional and criminal also. Emeka this is what it is and thanks. Those talking crap also know the truth but we are in a clime where we enjoy falsehood and seeing other suffer.

    Am sharing please

  2. To get a visa I will the whole family to Abuja. Spend monies in hotel above all the inherent risk. Who and who is travelling in Nigeria and I guess majority comes from SE and SS and there is no embassy here. We all move to Abuja and Lagos where you have less people travelling. This is criminal and our governors ain't doing anything outside stealing theirs. They should form regional development plan among Se States and develop it starting with local road networks and connections. We must not wait for thieves that gives no hook about us.

  3. This so bad. Some set of fouls contributing practically nothing ganged up against others cos they feel they have powers. That is crap. They have nothing and will loose this time around woefully

  4. This is simply the exit route we need. These are the true and logical reasons for the agitation. This is the real hard fact behind the BIAFRA cause. Not just howling and shouting. The question now is, will the Igbo professional and career politicians adopt or buy this altruistic concept and exit plan? From all indications and facts on ground, they are the bane of this call for restructuring of our system.

  5. I guess the 97-5% comment backed up with his actions so far aggravated or renewed this agitation. Remember this agitation was happening during gej era but gej had his cunny soft way of always saying Nigeria won't be divided. Yes people were sad down here that gej lost to pmb but am sure of pmb approached things differently, may be things won't have gotten to this level. Maybe if pmb hadn't indirectly given nnamdi this popularity, most of us would never had heard of nnamdi let alone noticed him if not for his radio biafra. So at the end, who do we blame now

  6. Very apt!!

    This is truth told truthfully. Well done Emeka.

    – Those who refuse to see the apparent marginalization of the SE and SS should ask why Calabar and Onne ports don't have the same facilities and depth of the Lagos ports, to attract & process the same size/type of Vessels/cargo.

    – How come the roads that lead from Calabar and Onne to Ala-Igbo are so terrible that SE importers prefer the longer Lagos-SE journey to the risk of fallen containers, broken down trucks, hellish journeys & travel nightmares that the Calabar-Aba-Enugu/Owerri and Onne-Port Harcourt-Aba Enugu/Owerri Federal roads delivers to importers/travellers. This is clearly Abuja-policy induced.

    – How come Abuja is comfortable to build multi billion dollar gas pipe lines to Kaduna /Kano to construct Gas powered Electricity generating plants there, instead of saving the humongous cost of pipeline construction and locating the Power generating plants in the SS /SE, while linking the north through the national grid. The reason is simple – the multiplier economic gains to the NE/NW. Yet the same Abuja is unwilling to dredge the existing Calabar & Onne Ports to accommodate bigger vessels; nor dredge River Niger to create an inland sea port at Onitsha to create the same economic gains to the SS /SE.

    There is God o.

  7. Ikukuoma Okigwe!! You would never stop making national positive waves on issues that concerns all of us…This post is very self explanatory to all those who have been brainwashed by their wicked paymasters, who also glory in the pains of Ndi Igbo… One can imagine the tons of development that would be done in the SE in order for us to flourish in the business world because we are naturally commercial in all our engagements as Igbos…..Let the efulefu's who bear Ibo names though not IGBO's continue to dwell in their blank states of minds…But I'm sure this would clear cum tutor dozens of them,to fall inline and understand what the agitation is all about..Kudos nwanne nnaa!!

  8. My brother, Between 1960-1966 we had a loose center and strong federating unit. That was why Sir Ahmadu Bello asked Tafarwa Balewa to go to Lagos to become the prime minister, while he stayed back in Kaduna as the Premier of the Northern Region. We also had resource control. Let us go back to the structure we had then and modify it to suit our contemporary need

  9. This write up is the way to go as it is an improvement on what obtained between 1960-1966 especially from the point of view of Ndi Igbo.

  10. This is the best I have read about the agitation by Igbos for restructuring.It will give all the regions a comparative and competitive advantage.This makes a lot of sense to me.Now my worry is our senators and representatives and the other beneficiaries of this present unitary system will frustrate any push toward restructuring.

  11. Well articulated position of the south east, the bane of the agitation for Biafra

    All the ethnic groups should come together and tell themselves the truth and discuss on the way forward for a new Nigeria.

  12. This is what it is and has always been .
    My grouse is the use "BIAFRA" by any group that genuinely align itself with the above postulation and embark on actions that negate such aspirations.
    We surrendered and proclaimed that BIAFRA ceases to exist since 1970.

  13. Truth and nothing but truth of what Biafra want, we want to develop Biafra with the pace we want, northeners are drawing Biafras backwards in terms of development ,they should allow Biafra to go or restructure to allow Regions develop with the pace they want, enough is enough

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