Two men were seen this morning fighting and ranting, at German Floor, off Owerri road, amuzukwu, Umuahia, Abia State.

According to Akandu “I was talking and laughing with my girl when this madman rushed & asked my girl what she is doing here with me, I tried to know what the problem is, he landed me a heavy blow that can knock an elephant down, ofcos my fellow man cannot hit me and I’ll let him go without injuries, he’s just lucky”

The girl Miss Onyinye a nurse said “I don’t know what is wrong with him, this is the 2nd time he’s doing this rubbish, and I’ve never talked with this guy so I don’t know what his problem is. People should talk to him oo or I’ll report him to the police.

When asked the young man, Nwandu he said “I don’t know that this girl is a crook, she go come collect money from me but still dey follow other guys, I don dey hear am b4 but na now I confirm am, the worst part be say she dey even deny she never see me, but I go tell them say dey born me 4 Aba. She say I go sleep for police, me & her go know who go sleep for police today.

Lol… wonders shall never end in this country. Your views GBB readers.
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  1. Well it depends on how you define "fighting". Internet bickering? Drunken bar brawls? Or perhaps two old world Vikings fighting to the death with large swords?

    When guys fight over females it frequently does not really have anything to do with the woman, it is more likely just two male egos clashing with the woman as the catalyst.

    However there is something very attractive about the TRUE alpha male. (we can't help it, it is biological, survival of the fittest, choosing the best sire for offspring, etc…) And on t hat note, a TRUE alpha male does typically win the females favor, maybe not forever, but at least for a while.

  2. Women enjoy just about any attention, praise, or ass kissing they can get out of any man. I'm pretty sure seeing two men fight over her is no exception.

  3. I know this is for the girls to answer, but my point of view is that I would not 'fight' for a girl to win her as a prize as such, but should someone insulted or offend her and persisted after a firm request to stop I would beat the snot out of him. In that respect I would fight 'for' her.
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  4. hahahahahaha… guys nawahoo. But on the same token, there are plenty of guys who will start a fight over just someone looking at his girlfriend or wife too much. I've seen it happen. Chances are that guy is bad news, and really not a good long term prospect for a woman.

  5. First of all, the guy who starts the fight with another guy over his girl, hoping she will take him if he wins is an animal, and ought to be featured on Wild Kingdom. Except throw a lion or two in there for good measure.

  6. I can't just believe why guys will be fighting over a girl, Cause in my book, anyone doing that is pretty much a loser. Not when there are so many fish in the sea, so to speak.

  7. Well I have never had two women fighting over me in the manner you describe or been lucky enough to have them fighting over me period . As a guy when such a fight got to the stage of physical violence the ego rub would have worn off and I would be concerned about the welfare of those involved and why I am with such a person .

  8. I'm not so much a fan of fighting.

    If a guy comes to my defense because another guy has bothered me or something – then I would be okay with that, if it's something that I can't really handle on my own. If anything, I'm more likely to sock the guy in the nose then I am to ask someone else to do it. But in the event that I can't handle the situation, someone coming to my defense would be alright with me.

    The guy Akandu, isnt wrong, because the other guy harasd his girl & hitted him 1st

  9. Back when I was much younger I went to Ukpo over a beautiful young girl and got a bloody nose for my trouble; the young girl took pity on me and told the victor to get lost.

    Oh the irony.

    I think she liked my GTO.

  10. Sure it would be nice to have two guys want to "win" your favor. But generally speaking I would not like the bar brawl, fisticuffs fighting. If was in defense of some sort of abuse by one of the guys I suppose it could be justified but otherwise I think it would be too barbaric.

    The whole prove yourself macho would be a turn off for me. Now if two guys want to see who can send me the biggest bouquet of flowers or treat me the nicest that would be ok…but I do imagine even that would get childish and tiresome after awhile.

    Would I fight over a guy..not knock down drag out I wouldn't. And I seriously havent met the man worth that kind of fight yet.

  11. No, I would not enjoy it. It would make me loose respect for both of the men involved.

    If I am in a relationship I do not want to be seen as property that has to be defended, and I want my partner to trust me enough that he does not automatically assume that I am going to be temped to cheat if I see a man other thanhim.

  12. ofcos the girls are here, Generally, I'd have to say I wouldn't be too keen on two guys fighting over me. Not my style, no kosher.

    On the other hand – if it were to happen, it would be an interesting insight into the fighting styles of said gentlemen, and that would prove invaluable in weighing who I would get along with in the long run…

    …and how to most effectively kick his butt in a fight.

  13. GBB, I haven't had girls fight over me, but I've had little things like a girl telling me not to hang out with the other girls we know, as if they are bad news or something, like she hates them or is worried that they would seduce me lol.

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