Tacha and Kim Oprah face off in BBNaija #PepperDem Reunion Day 3

In case you missed day three of Big Brother Naija’s #PepperDem reunion show, here is a recap.

Big Brother Naija’s #PepperDem reunion finally cut to the chase on its third day when the anticipated drama kicked off with a face-off between Tacha and Kim Oprah.

A few minutes of heated argument ensued between the former housemates after Kim Oprah accused Tacha of being arrogant and boastful while citing her famous slogan about how other housemates accompanied her to the Big Brother house.

Tacha’s response was quite the buzzer. The former housemate pointed out how Kim suffered insecurities due to her alpha female personality which other housemates often mistook for arrogance.


As expected, the heated argument dragged reactions from housemates including Venita Akpofure, Seyi, Ike, Esther and Frodd who took turns to share their thoughts on the borderline or lack off between confidence and arrogance. It was a good opportunity for Venita to throw some icy daggers in Tacha’s direction.

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Away from the Tacha versus Kim Oprah drama, there was also a few minutes of spotlight for the self-acclaimed ‘Queen of Highlights’, Mercy Eke. The reality show winner had a few minutes to address why she never repeated an outfit throughout her stay in the house.


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