Sanwo-olu is sick of trucks obstructing traffic in Lagos, he wants to restrict their movement

Container laden trucks and tankers compete for space with regular cars during rush hour, disobey traffic rules, break down smack in the middle of busy roads, sometimes upload their contents on cars below and cause fatal accidents.

Tanker explodes in Lagos' Otedola bridge, leads to accident and loss of lives in 2018 (Pulse)

Tanker explodes in Lagos’ Otedola bridge, leads to accident and loss of lives in 2018 (Pulse)

The fear of the articulated truck has become the beginning of wisdom for most commuters in Lagos. The governor agrees that it’s time to put the drivers and their trucks in check.

“New policies are going to come out in the coming days, on some regulations around movement of heavy duty trucks, just so that we can manage what time of the day they all get to come in on the roads,” Sanwo-Olu top management cadre of Nigerian Breweries Plc who paid him a courtesy call on Monday, November 25, 2019.

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Trucks in Lagos, near Nigerian Breweries Iganmu office (Guardian)

Trucks in Lagos, near Nigerian Breweries Iganmu office (Guardian)

“We cannot begin to imagine 30 to 50 trucks competing during work hours, and so we need to plan out the logistics around it, what time of the day they need to move.

“It is more around how do we resolve traffic movement and traffic flow in all of the places and some very hard decisions will be taken.

“The issue is not building more roads, the issue is managing the ones that we currently have, and all of us using them efficiently and effectively.

“The things that don’t need to move during the day time, we can restrict them to night movement, so that they can free up traffic all around the places,” the governor said.

Sanwo-Olu also said his administration is committed to rehabilitating the Abebe Village Road in Iganmu, clean up canals as well as dredge clogged drainage channels in the area.

The Abebe village road, home to Nigerian Breweries’ manufacturing plants and corporate offices, has been left to crumble under the weight of the company’s rudderless trucks and drivers.

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