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Relationship counsellor, Dr Samuel Iwar took to his Instagram account to talk about respect in marriage.


He said he grew up thinking his wife had to respect him simply because he’s a man but his mindset changed as he grew older.


He said he eventually learned that respect is “earned” and he revealed ways people can earn respect from their partners in a marriage.


He wrote:


grew up thinking my wife had to respect me because I am a man and I am her husband. Now I just laugh at how ignorant I was. Now I know that TRUE RESPECT IS EARNED NOT GIVEN.
This is not a conversation about treating human beings with dignity, this is about true respect.
Dear man, the fact that your wife does not respect you has nothing to do with money. She never respected you in the first place. If she respected you when you had money, it was the money she respected not you.I guess some men know this deep down in their hearts, this is why it scares them when their wives are excelling or becoming financially independent. They fear they would lose the control they have over her….and control my friends, is not love. I have seen many men who think they deserve respect because of the title husband and because they are men with money. I hope this isnt you. If it is, I want to encourage you to realize that RESPECT IS EARNED.
Be a man of your word. Be disciplined. Hardworking. Have integrity. Always speak the truth. Be a man of your word. Be transparent and Practice what you preach….
I am in no way implying women do not want or desire respect too….I am simply speaking from my point of view as a man.
Finally, whether someone has earned your respect or not, we should all take responsibility for how we treat everyone around us, I am aware that certain people can be very rude and uncouth for no reason. The message here is simple.Treat human beings with Dignity, Always.
Earn respect too.
At the end of the day, It never really matters who does not respect whom, Man or woman, husband or wife….it is the relationship that suffers.

Relationship counselor, Dr. Samuel Iwar speaks about respect in marriage and what it entails

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