Radda offered the explanation while speaking at the National Orientation Agency programme on public education/citizen enlightenment with the theme: “Value Re-Orientation and the fight against corruption” in Ibadan on Thursday, May 23, 2019.

Radda who scored President Muhammadu Buhari high on the recovery of assets from “corrupt individuals” said a lot of asses have been recovered.

“So far we have been able to achieve some successes. A lot of recovery has been made; money, buildings, hotels, planes, and many others, including snakes and lions that eat one ram daily,” he said. 

He said the animals were released to their owners because of the high cost of maintaining them. 

Those animals are very expensive to maintain for the government. Some of the items collected have been given back to their owners to keep in trust for the government because they bought them. So, they are back with the owners to keep in trust for the government.

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“But we have recovered a lot and many ‘ghost’ workers have been weeded out of government payroll.

“In the past commercial banks would collect money from the government and give loans to the government. That is no more. In the past you can open many accounts and the government would not know what you were doing; that is no more with the BVN initiative.

However, Mrs Dolapo Dosunmu, the Director of NOA in Oyo State, who also spoke at the event called for an end to corruption in the country, while Prof Sabitu Olagoke and Bishop Ayo Ladigbolu in the papers they delivered asked Nigerians to be truthful, faithful and selfless.

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