Following Nollywood controversial actress Etinosa’s threat to use any religious text as ashtray, popular Nigerian car dealer Adesuwa has joined others to blast the actress for the act.

Etinosa posted a video on social media where she was smoking and the actress used the Holy Bible as ash dump for her cigarette, when fans came hot on her, Etinosa promised to use the Quran if she gets her hand on any, stating that she feared no one but God and most people practice idolatry as they have likened God to a book.

Many did not take it well as theyreacted negatively, one Islamic poet even dared the actress to make do her threat to use the Quran as she promised. Car dealer Adesuwa took to her social media page to pour out his heavy heat on the actress, she wrote;

I dont really get involved in things like this! We all have a story or a past. I am not here to judge anyone but today @etinosaofficial you must listen! And you must stop disgracing FEMALES! EDO STATE AND WOMEN ALL OVER!. What is your problem? People are avoiding this topic! They dont want to be involved because you might insult them, feel free to say whatever you want about me. I will call you out on this! I see you as a sister, followed you! Your page was addictive! So much positivity and talent I and alot of others were blown away! Then all at once, you pull all your clothes, for no reason on Mcgalaxy life video! Till today, most of us can never understand why! Now na igbo u carry online dey smoke! That one nor reach you, na to use bible, as ash tray! What is wrong with you? Are you getting money from this???

This is not a joke oh! Now you saying Quran! Muslim’s most respected book, you are talking about doing same thing! You won carry wahala come meet us for Edo state? Because you nor get sense! You have no fear of God???? Why cant you bring good name to Edo? Why all these disgraceful stunts?? Cant you partner with even people like us and create great contents and more movies??? You nor dey see them @genevievennaji ??? (#yewe gbe eze!) hit your chest in the ocean! if you like!. Stop disgracing us! This is too much. But if you carry wahala enter Edo! You are on your own!. I cringed watching your videos! All these for clout?? Are you that broke??I had to unfollow! I and so many were so proud of you! OBA of benin needs to call you to order! Stop it…. Do something great with your life If you like, curse me! I dont CARE….! Nobody is perfect but your own too much right now.

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