Policeman arrested for collecting bribe

“This one, it is a secret I am trying to tell you,” the officer who sat on the passenger’s seat, besides the driver, said to the motorist.

“You will bring N10,000 out of this money, give to that guy. You hear me? For there, you go tell them say na N5,000 you give me.”  

Moments later, Makedomu would go on to lie that he only received N5000, while keeping N10, 000 for himself.

“How we go do for this guy, e no even get money!” he said on the phone.


According to the police in a statement made available by spokesperson Frank Mbah, Makedomu is now languishing in a cell and awaiting trial.

” The police officer caught on video collecting bribe from an innocent Nigerian has since been identified and arrested.

“The non commissioned officer, Force N0 431625, Sgt Onuh Makedomu, attached to 49 PMF, but presently on special duty with the Safer Highways Patrol, Lagos is currently undergoing Orderly trial on a two-count charge of Discreditable Conduct and corrupt practices at the Provost Department of the Lagos State Police Command.

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“Meanwhile, the Inspector General of Police has enjoined the good citizen, who courageously brought the inglorious act of the officer to the public domain, to meet with the Public Relations Officer, Lagos State command, to recover the money extorted from him by the delinquent officer, ” the statement from police headquarters read.

Not a new thing

It is commonplace for police officers to forcefully demand money from motorists, commercial bikers and commuters alike in Nigeria, home of some 200 million people.

“It’s now part of police culture to become a nusiance on the roads and to beg shamelessly, ” says public affairs analyst Isima Nsikak. “The police is really no one’s friend.”

Previous police bosses made promises to stamp out corruption within the rank and file. However, Nigeria’s police officers, subtly encouraged by equally corrupt bosses, have remained the poster boys for corruption, harassment and extra judicial killings among the populace.

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