Pantami warns against sabotaging mandate of ministry

The minister said that the people concerned embarked on such campaign because they were uncomfortable with his people-oriented policies and the fact that they could no longer conduct business as usual.

The strategy of these individuals is to compromise the media, using financial inducements and they have raised a considerable amount of money for this campaign.

“The objective of this bogus façade is to intimidate us into allowing the continued exploitation of Nigerians by compromising regulators,“ he said.

According to him, the ministry has consistently rolled out policies to protect the consumer and entrench discipline as well as ensure professionalism in the sector.

“This stand has obviously ruffled some feathers, whose aim is to discredit the mass-friendly policies.”

He called on journalists to shun attempts at demeaning their noble pen profession and uphold the integrity of their character.

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Pantami assured that the ministry would pursue and uphold its mandate in line with the three point agenda of the present administration in the country, adding that “no acts of corruption or injustice shall be condoned.“

“We will neither be intimidated by fifth columnists or any agent of dubious intentions, nor be blackmailed into submission.

“I am duty bound to provide non-discriminatory policy directions for the benefit of every Nigerian, ensure that consumers are protected from exploitation and provide enabling environment for investors and operators.“

He promised to ensure that the unhealthy dependence of regulators on operators was addressed so that regulators could “be very objective“ in their dealings.

The minister called on the general public to be alert to the shady activities of these corrupt individuals and disregard any information that contravened the policies of the ministry.

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“The hitherto existing relationship between regulators and operators, which more often than not compromised the former is one that cannot thrive under the current leadership.

“We commend the resilience of some media persons who resisted the lure to be compromised and reached out to us.

“We are proud of the level of professionalism and patriotism demonstrated by the press which resulted in the woeful failure of the despicable campaign.

“We will continue to render public service in line with global best practices.“

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