Nigerian artist impresses Donald Trump with ballpoint portrait

Oyedele Isaac has joined the league of Nigerian artists gaining recognition from world leaders and personalities, as he got acknowledgement for one of his artworks which has since gone viral.

Isaac, via his twitter handle (@Doks_Art), had shared a ballpoint portrait he made of President Donald Trump of the United States. He said he made the portrait with blue and red pen.

In the tweet, Isaac stated that the artwork is his second artwork of Trump, and he wanted him to see it.

Surprisingly for the pen artist, Trump acknowledged the artwork, and said it’s a fantastic one. The United States president further advised the Nigerian artist to not give up on his dreams.

This is not the first time a Nigerian pen artist will be celebrated on a global scale.

When French President, Emmanuel Macron visited Nigeria last year, he praised the skills of an 11-year-old Nigerian artist, Kareem Waris Olamilekan, who drew an astonishing portrait of him in just two hours.

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Early this year, Kevin Hart was wowed by a portrait of him done by Eli Waduba that he even purchased it and vowed to recommend the artist’s works to his friends.

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