Lanre Teriba, a Nigerian Gospel artiste has expressed how he feels about secular musicians in Nigeria. Contrary to what people would assume, the Gospel artiste actually praised these secular musicians. However, Lanre Teriba had earlier complained that Americans see Tubaba, Wizkid and other secular Nigerian musicians as ‘up-and-coming talents’, but people on social media trolled him and called him jealous because he isn’t as popular as they are.

When reacting to their attack, Lanre Teriba defends his statement. He admits that they’re all wonderful musicians, and didn’t intend to go against them , but support them. He says:

“You see, I just mentioned Wizkid and Tuface Idibia as an example because I see them as great musicians that I love so much and respect in this part of the world. I was only trying to express my displeasure as regards to how American promoters and Americans see our great music stars as up-and-coming artistes. It is a great concern to me, so I only made my comment innocently and it was devoid of any form of bias. I didn’t make that comment to trend online because my music is doing very well. These people don’t even see me as a great gospel musician too but I am proud of my talent; I can raise my head high anywhere in the world,”

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