Maybe we are not good at customs of aroma

There is a recent trendy aroma massage, is not it? There are places to use aromas in massage shops even in customs. In the meantime I decided to use a massage shop for a while, and I called a dispatch aroma esthetics. At the time of calling, I did not care much about aroma, and there was no resistance to aroma, but I found out that it is too strong and dislikes when used. I thought it was like a perfume, but the aroma has its own unique tightness. When I got massaged while sniffing it, I thought that consciousness would fly in a different way, so I asked Mrs. Maidsu to stop it already. (Laugh) After having said it, I got another scent I told you there is also, but I wanted you to say it first if possible … I was overconfident … …. I think that the service itself was not bad, but I did not know whether it felt so comfortable nothing but memories of smell. From now on I will be careful of the aroma and choose the shop.

A sex shop that can go even in the absence of money ……

It will be horrible when it’s tough and tough … …. I do not have enough money to go to soap, and Deliher is also a little tough! There is a time. But, I want to go to the customs! I can not help it at that time and I am going to Sekikaba. Because Sekikaba is the closest from the house, I go there to get the transportation expenses. When I am out of money, I do not want to go to the customs as to be sure as to why it is certainly secretly becoming a regular person (laugh) Although there is not a cute little marriage lady in that secret cabaret, I do not have so much masochism, so I think that it is a good one. There are shops where there are only dislocations when going to poor stores. Because it is good or bad, it is an ordinary shop, so I will leave it for free at all times. Then, it seems that each other thinks that they are thinking that they will meet each other wonderfully that a child who hits several times appears and nominated, but not nominated (lol) Musashi lady is also not nominated, so do special things Because I will not give up, I usually end up being nude and it is over. Well this may be the simplest and the best.
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