Episode two of “Power” season five aired on Sunday, and has Twitter reacting.

In the second episode, Tommy gets into trouble after the Jimenez Cartel shoots some Serbians attempting to offload drugs. An angry Jason holds Tommy responsible, saying that he now owes him $2 million.

He is also not happy that Tommy is now cool with Ghost. Tommy promises to secure the Los Angeles port for Jason, even if he has to kill the Jimenez twins.

Jason asks that Ghost and Kanan help Tommy destroy the Jimenez cartel. What this means is that Ghost, who really wants to quit the drug business, has been roped back in thanks to Tommy.

While Ghost sees the task as a suicide mission, Kanan sees it as an opportunity to take down both the Jimenez cartel and Dre whilst taking advantage of Jason’s protection.


In the episode, Ghost and Tasha are having a hard time dealing with Raine’s death. They agree to join a grief group. During the meeting, a story about a father who follow the murderer of his child daily, stick with Ghost. While the man and his wife mourn their child, the drunk driver who killed him is still drinking and driving.

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While at the club, Ghost sees Dre and Diego Jimenez being all friendly. He makes his second call of the episode to Angela, who doesn’t pick. He left a message stating that “he’s not doing so good.”

A very angry Ghost decides to find the drunk driver who killed the child of the parents at his grief group, and unleashing his rage on him, stabs him to death.

Here’s how Twitter reacted to the episode:














Ahead of its season five premiere, “Power” was renewed for a sixth season in March.

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