After 10 long months without “Power,” the show has returned for its fifth season, and Twitter is buzzing with reactions.

In season four finale, Raina was killed outside her school dance after she confronted the cop Ray Ray, who was harassing her twin brother, Tariq. Tariq killed the undercover cop who shot Raina, and Tasha, who couldn’t watch Tariq go down, decided to take the blame.

The season opens with Angela panicking as she remembers her role in the events of the evening. S he’s convinced that Tasha was lying and that Ghost committed the crime.

Somewhere else, Ghost, Tommy and Kanan plan how to kill Dre without getting The Jimenez to retaliate against them. Kanan offers to do the killing since no one in the cartel knows he is still alive, but Tommy doesn’t think the plan would work as Cristobal probably already knows that the men sent to murder him didn’t return, which can only mean that he is alive. 


Tommy and Ghost in Power season 5 (Starz)

Ghost and Tommy visit a warehouse where they believe they would find Dre. Unfortunately, they were being set up to be ambushed by Dre and Cristobal. A shootout happens and Ghost is shot in the stomach. They run out of bullets and are stranded but Kanan turns up to save them.

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Tasha gets LaKeisha to be her alibi. She tells her to tell anyone who asks that she and Tariq spent the night with her in the Penthouse.

In the episode, Tasha meets with an angry Angela, who accuses her of making her an accomplice to murder by tricking her into sharing Ray Ray’s address so Ghost could kill him and threatens to turn them in. Tasha eventually confesses that Tariq shot Jones with her gun. She then convinces Angela to destroy the record of her gun in the database so none of them would be linked to the murder.


Tasha and Ghost question Tariq in Power season 5 premiere (Starz)


Back home, Ghost and Tasha question Tariq about his sister’s murder. He tells them he met Ray Ray through Kanan and Dre but had asked his late twin not to tell them the truth. At Raina’s funeral, Tariq overhears Tommy tell Ghost that Kanan is preparing to kill Dre.

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Unable to deliver his sister’s eulogy, an emotional Tariq runs off, locks himself in the bathroom and sends a text to Dre, asking him to run.


Raina’s funeral in episode 1 of “Power” season 5 (Starz)

After the funeral, Ghost is alone at Raina’s grave when Dre shows up and warns him to stay away from him. He informs him that he is now under the protection of the Jimenez Cartel and threatens to kill everyone he loves if he doesn’t stay in his own lane.

As he walks away, he drops the death card in Ghost’s pocket. Tommy also finds one in his door while Kanan finds one on his car. 

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Ahead of its season five premiere, “Power” was renewed for a sixth season in March.

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