The vice president reminded Christians of the solemn sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross and its significance.

“We want to bless the name of the Lord for a very wonderful day; the Lord God Almighty has given us a great opportunity to worship today in this resurrection.

“And for all of you who are watching from home, I know that you are going to be specially blessed because this day, wherever you may be, it is the most important day in the Christian faith.

“It is the day we announce and affirm and reaffirm a very special day in the Christian calendar because it is the month of resurrection.

“The month that Jesus Christ rose from the dead and we are going to celebrate this day and keep celebrating because it is the evidence of our salvation; the evidence of our redemption,’’ he said.

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Osinbajo in a message titled ‘Criminals on the Cross’’, said that the account of the crucification of Christ was an extraordinary story.

Citing Luke 23:32-34, 39-43, the vice president said that Jesus paid the price for sins of the entire world and even condemned criminal made it with Jesus to Paradise.

He said the crucifixion was an inspiring message of redemption.

According to him, it is a succinct statement of what the good news is all about.

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