Coronavirus: Falana urges FG to enforce Quarantine Act

Falana said that declaration of a state of emergency would provide the basis for prosecution of anyone flouting the regulations.

“It is common knowledge that leaders of many countries have since invoked the provisions of relevant statutes to declare a state of emergency before imposing restriction on the locomotion of people and lockdown of towns.

“Having confirmed that the presidency is on lockdown, we are compelled to call on state governors to apply the Quarantine Act, which provides for and regulates the imposition of quarantine and to make other provisions for preventing the introduction into and spread in Nigeria and the transmission from Nigeria of dangerous infectious diseases.

“In particular, state governors are urged to invoke Section 8 of the Act which empowers them to make such declarations and issue necessary regulations to combat any infectious disease such as COVID-19,” he said.

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According to Falana, once the declaration is made, the police can prosecute anyone who violates any regulation on the basis of the Quarantine Act.

“Furthermore, the attention of members of the public should be drawn to the stringent penalties prescribed by the Criminal Code and Penal Code for offences endangering life or health including reckless or negligent acts causing harm to people,” he said.

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