Metal stamping is a wonderful way to add a customized and personal feel to your craft projects and if you get the right supplies and tools for metal stamping, you can be sure they will be able to serve you for years to come. Not to mention there are metal stamping supplies that are easy enough to use if you are just starting out.

Jewelry stamping supplies

You have the option of getting the mini kit which is compactly economical or the large metal stamping kit. The mini kit comprises of the necessities needed to hand stamp your own jewelry such as the number and letter stamp sets, one 4-face hammer, a steel block and a 10-piece file set. The full kit is more extensive and includes number and alphabet stamp sets, a brass brush, a nylon hammer, a chasing hammer, metal shears, a metal hole punch, one steel block and a 10-piece file set. Whichever kit you buy will work well with your blanks once you buy the assortment of metal stamping blanks separately. They come in a variety of pre-cut metal blanks in aluminum, brass and copper and a metal sheet.

Number and Letter Stamps

You can customize your metal stamps using solid stamping sets that come in both uppercase and lowercase fonts. You can get 9-piece number stamp sets, 27-piece alphabet stamp sets and 36-piece alpha-numeric stamp sets which comprise of both letters and numbers. Heights of the letters vary from 1/16”to 1/12” ensuring you have stamping flexibility. You can also get 12-piece punctuation stamp sets enabling you to punctuate and also create borders and abstract patterns. You can use .999FS and Sterling stamps for precious silver designs.

Design stamps

Decorative stamps will give you designs that are unique as these hand stamping sets enable you to add symbols, patterns and design components to metal. There are manufacturers that make everything from representational figures, nautical designs, swirls, leaves, and hearts to zodiac signs. These types of stamps are to be used with 24-gauge soft metals and this includes pre-cut metal stamping blanks and metal sheets.

Stamping Hammers

There is a wide range of hammers that are perfect for making customized stamped metal jewelry from various manufacturers. The tips below can be used in determining which hammer works best in conjunction with your other metal stamping supplies:

–    Nylon heads provide a softer head for straightening and smoothing deformed metal without damaging it.

–    Texturing hammers have steel heads as well making them perfect for the direct addition of textures to sheet metal and stamping blanks made of softer metals.

–    Steel heads have a variety of styles ball pen hammers and chasing hammers included all of which are great for directly shaping and texturing metal blanks and metal sheets.

–    Brass heads are ideal for striking metal stamps and are always recommended when hitting metal stamps considering brass is softer than steel aiding in damage prevention of your stamps.


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