It can be difficult to choose the ideal metal stamp set for your craft projects or jewelry seeing as there are so many selections available depending on what you are looking for.

Size of the Metal Stamps

This is in reference to the height of the impression that has been stamped. For alphabetical metal stamps, the average height of the letter is what the metal stamp size is based on. You should know that the size of the stamped impressions differs based on the striking force and the material used to make the stamp.

Identification and Orientation of the Metal Stamps

The letters on the metal stamps are formed backwards as the impression’s mirror image making it easier to stamp a letter backwards by mistake. To aid in proper orientation of the stamps you can look for one that has the maker’s mark engraved at the front of the shaft. You will hold the stamp with the logo facing your direction thus helping you never stamp a letter backwards again. Alternatively, you can mark the front of the letter stamp with paint if it does not have an orientation logo on it. Pinpointing letters with elaborate typefaces in metal stamp sets can be challenging and this is why other alphabet stamp sets have their respective letters marked on the side of the shaft.

Different Typefaces for Letter Stamps

There is a wide range of both lowercase and uppercase typefaces that letter stamps come in ensuring you get various styles for your stamped crafts and jewelry. It is important to consider that a larger stamp with a more intricate typeface will need you to use more force when stamping so that you can get a cleaner impression. If you are a beginner it is recommended that you begin with a simpler alphabet metal letter stamp set. Elaborate metal letter stamp sets are advisable for those who are better accustomed to handling a hammer.

Types of metal stamps

If you are just getting started on metal stamping then the best option is economy stamps because they are affordable. They don’t have markings for orientation or identification on the shaft. They are coated with oil when bought to prevent rust. They are also made for use with softer metals and materials.

Standard metal stamps have a plated finish that’s oil free to prevent rust. Each of the shanks is indented with the stamp image for better identification and has a logo for easier orientation when stamping. They come in a wide range of designs and fonts and have storage cases with indicated slots for each stamp for organization purposes. They are designed to be used on soft metals as well.

Premium metal stamps or particularly made to be used on harder metals like stainless steel and have a lifetime guarantee feature. Their sets come in storage cases that also have marked slots for every stamp.


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