When you commit to making your own hand stamped metal jewelry there can be some mistakes that can occur such as blurred or double images and so you will need to use jewelry stamping machines such as presses for the extra force needed. Presses offered in the market will increase your productivity and efficiency by making sure you get deep and accurate impressions or imprints in your metal stampings. There are different kinds of jewelry stamping presses available each with tailored to suit specific needs.

The Manual Hydraulic Press

When the hammer just does not get the design right, you can opt for the 10-Ton Manual Hydraulic Press which provides the force you need to get the best impression. This press delivers up to 10-tons of force with just a several repetitions of the hydraulic pump. There is a convenient pressure gauge which enables you to know how much pressure you are delivering with every pump. This enables you to produce accurate results every time. This manual press is very good for marking plastics, leather, wood and metals.

Impact/ Hand Operated Percussion Presses

These presses are safe and easy to operate and they can be used anywhere in the workshop or factory. To mark the material you will need to compress and release a spring loaded ram; this makes the spring compression easy to be adjusted fast. You can attach Type & Number dies or Custom made Steel Stamps to these Impact presses which make them very adjustable and versatile marking machines.

The Percussion or Impact presses can be found in 3 types of marking load sizes:

–    7.15 Ton

–    3.3 Ton

–    0.55 Ton

Stamping presses also prevent you from hitting your fingers or damaging jewelry blanks by inaccurately hitting them using the typical hammer process. They have an adjustable arm which can accommodate round stamps of any thickness up to 3/8” or square stamps up to 6 inches in thickness.

Stamping Pliers

These are used in conjunction with jewelry stamps to position the stamps precisely how you want them on your pieces of jewelry. Stamping pliers provide a simple, fast and effective way to mark flat pieces or rings and they don’t need much effort plus they come with flat and curved anvils.

How to use a stamping press

  1. Put the metal blank on the rotating platform under the stamp
  2. On the arbor press, turn the handle until you can feel it interconnect with the stamp
  3. Line up the stamp with the area you want to be imprinted on the jewelry blank
  4. Apply constant pressure to the arbor press handle
  5. Strike the top of the press while holding the handle several times with a hammer
  6. Release the arbor press handle when done
  7. Lift the stamp away from the jewelry blank and you will see the finished impression
  8. To mark another impression, easily and quickly change out different stamps and repeat the same process.


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