Hand stamping your own jewelry is a great way to customize it or add a personal touch especially if it is for someone else. Not to mention the procedure is not difficult so long as you have all the necessary tools.

What You Need

–    A permanent marker

–    Painter’s Tape

–    Metal stamps

–    Jewelry blanks

–    A steel bench block

–    A brass hammer

Before Starting

Label your silver colored stamps easily using the permanent marker and if your metal stamps are dark in color, mark the front of each stamp using a dot of light colored nail polish and add lettering to those stamps so you can identify the stamps easily and quickly.

Before you start using your metal blanks practice stamping on a few layers of paper or you can press the stamps on an ink pad and then press them on paper. This will help to give you an idea of how the stamps will be lined up before you start using the stamps on the metal blanks.

Make sure the steel bench block is on a solid surface; you can also use a piece from a non-slip rubber mat or a leather sandbag to help you muffle the high-pitched sound that is a result of striking metal to another metal.

  1. You will proceed to place the stamps intended for use in a line and then tape the steel bench block and the metal blank together. The tape serves to guide you in keeping the stamps in a straight line and holding the blank in position so it does not move when striking the stamps. Using a permanent marker, draw a straight line if you don’t want to use tape. Set the stamp in place using the straight edge of the tape, hold it straight up and down then strike a single solid blow with the hammer.

If you want to follow the shape that the metal blank is in, trace it out onto the painter’s tape and then cut it out. Put the cut painter’s tape on the blank ensuring you follow the shape of the blank and leaving enough space for stamping of the letters. Follow the instructions for striking to line the stamps up and making the impressions on the metal.

  1. In order to bring out the stamped design, you’ll want to colorize the imprinted letters. The jewelry piece can be oxidized with the use of a liver of sulfer treatment and followed up by buffing and sanding to clear away the liver of sulfer from the high points. Use a permanent marker to color in the stamped imprints more quickly thus bringing them out.
  2. Using the rubber alcohol and the paper towels, immediately swipe over the jewelry blank to easily remove the permanent marker. There is also the option of buying stamps with images to enhance the element of design on your jewelry pieces. Once you’ve finished stamping the jewelry, it will need a hole punched in and the addition of a jump ring so it is ready for a finished design.


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