Brass stampings are very functional components in jewelry crafting because they can be used with various other jewelry components such as beads to create more elaborate jewelry designs. Brass stampings are an image made from sheet brass that has been struck using machinery known as a die under very high pressure. These dies that are used to make the components that are sold and used can give you service for decades. There is legitimate vintage jewelry that has been made out of the same parts sold in the market currently and they have been made in the exact same way in the industry for all these years. Brass stampings are excellent for incorporation into collage jewelry

Brass Filigree stampings are very useful and interesting especially if you do a lot of beadwork. Their quality is lacey and elaborate plus they have been made in such a way that they are especially malleable which means they can be formed around oddly-shaped stones for which you haven’t found a mount. You can bead through brass filigree stampings and this is known as cagework. With the right plated 28 filigree gauge wire, imagination and determination this technique is not so hard just ensure you work with small beads or pearls.

There are finished, plated brass stampings but most jewelry crafters prefer using raw brass stampings so they can add their own finishes not to mention you can get a lot of variety with your own finish.

Many of the finished plated brass charms can also be accented using paints and enamels but the most favored type of finish would have to be a brass ox. Ox, in this case, means oxidized or antiqued; therefore a brass oxidized finish could be the same as an antique brass plate. If you want to have vintage style jewelry then you should probably use brass oxidized plated stampings. Plated brass stampings offer an amazing durable feature which holds up when it is stamped.

You can get these brass stampings in different thicknesses such as 25-gauge brass stampings which make it easier for you to get a great impression when incorporating fine detailing or unique shapes into your jewelry stamping DIYs.

Brass stampings that have a 26-gauge thickness offer a thin surface for your metal stamping thus working specifically well when making subtle impressions. You can select from various pre-cut stylish shapes comprising of 2-part sandwich blanks to make sandwich blanks. It is advisable to anneal these stamping blanks first before DIY  embossing to soften the metal.


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