How to make a girl fall in love with you


Before you start reading it out, you must know, what is love? Love is an ultimate expression of feelings and emotions in a very pure and divine manner, To make a girl fall in love with you, You no need be an expert or you no need to have impeccable academic records, you just need to have divine emotions towards the person you love, and most importantly you must the girl also have same emotions towards you, read How to know if a person truly love you?

1. Be your self and act natural.

This is the first and most important point, when you have to impress anyone, when you are trying to make a girl fall in love with you. Be honest and and never act as fake.

1. If you had a bad day or you are in bad mood, show your true emotion, never hide your anger, try to control the emotion or show your emotion, if you control your emotion now, then it may create effects in future.

2. Don’t show off, Image if you are impressing a girl through your economic stability and with costly gadgets, it will definitely fail, because the person who truly loves you will never look for your money.

3. Imagine if you have anger management problems, never hide your anger, just show it and try to control it, and promise her that you will definitely control in future, it will create a great impression.

2.Make sure you always look and smell good.

To look good, it does’t means that you must be costly dressed up, with expensive perfumes.

  1. Looking good means you must be clean and active all the time, if you are active and always ready to make her happy in her bad situations, then she definitely fall for you, for that you need to take care of your self.
  2. Eat healthy food and do exercise regularly and improve you body posture, height is not a matter, just be fit.
  3. Take proper rest and have proper sleep to be more active.
  4. Bath before you meet, be fresh and clean.
  5. Don’t bend, stand straight, and tall.

3. Tell about your future plans with her.

Everyone work today for a better future, even if its a boy or girl, and most importantly every girl dreams for her dream boy, and she will definitely show interest to know about you. (Before telling your goals ask her, to match your goals), go from narrow to large.

  1. Tell her about how you are going to spend your holidays, and ask her to decide interesting places to visit.
  2. Tell her which job you are going to do in future.
  3. What you are planning for you week end or month end.
  4. Tell her what qualities you need in your partner.
  5. Where and how you want to get married.
  6. You many kids you want to have. etc

4.Show your abilities.

This is one of the most important factor that always works, most of the girls like to find out your ability, and capability, which gives them a trust about your future.

As an example -apart from studies, if you have dream to become a YouTuber, and want to make money through it, and if you want to make your future in sport, etc.

5.Ask her.

Asking very important so, you can know better about her to make your future better with her.It is very important to notice that if she is interested in you or not by asking simple questions like-

  1. Can get your number?
  2. How was the movie?when you both get outings
  3. Who is your favorite actor?
  4. What are your future plans?
  5. How frequently can I call you?
  6. Do you like love stories?
  7. What do you like in me?
  8. How frequently can I call you?

6. Maker her feel comfortable with you.

Its very important to notice, how a girl feels when you are around with her, try to increase her comfort levels with you.

  1. Be there for her every time, mostly when she is need.
  2. Never hesitate to help her, when she needs.
  3. Make sure she feels secure when you are with her infont of strangers.
  4. Never forget to call her, when she is out at late nights
  5. Try give her a feel, that you are there for her all the time.

7. Knowing is not, enough understand her.

This is one of the most important factor, try to understand her emotions.

  1. You don’t to fulfill her long term goals, to be her man you just need to know and fulfill her small wishes.
  2. Take care of her in her hard times.
  3. Even if she scolds and shouts, have calm down and be there for her.
  4. Make sure that you can make her smile, even if she is in hard anger.



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