Metal stamping is one craft that offers so many options. Metal stamps come in all different symbols, letters, and shapes. This allows for anyone’s creativity to soar. You can purchase a metal stamping set and stores like Michael’s Crafts, and Harbor Freight Tools among others. It is a very simple craft; all it requires is a hammer and a metal medium of your choice. After stamping, one trick is to run a black permanent marker across the stamping, then immediately wipe it off with a damp paper towel. The ink will stay in the stamped area and add depth to it, to make it more visible. Here are some amazing and unique stamping ideas.

Personalized Christmas Ornaments

You can easily buy some metal shapes to make a Christmas tree, snowman, or a simple shaped metal ornament. Stamp it with the last name and year of your family, or the family you are giving it to as a cherished and heartfelt gift.


If you are an avid reader, you can make a metal stamped bookmark that is personalized with an inspiring quote or your name and phone number. That can be helpful if you leave your book somewhere.

Charm Bracelet

You cannot get a more personalized charm for your charm bracelet than one you’ve made yourself. This is even better if it is going to be a gift, and much less expensive than the jewelry store.

Metal Napkin Rings

This is a cheap, easy idea that allows you to make personalized napkin rings for a special dinner. Everyone will know where they sit, and can take the napkin ring as a gift.

Labels for Canning Jars

Metal stamped canning jar labels make your pantry look quaint and extra organized. They can be hot glue gunned onto the jars and decorated with ribbon.

Business Card Holder

You can metal stamp your name onto a metal business card holder for your desk. Use a soft metal, like copper, so you can bend it in a shape that will hold your cards for easy access. This has a really professional look as opposed to generic holders.

Leather Statement Cuffs

Most jewelry stores sell leather cuffs, simply get a metal plate and stamp your favorite quote on metal along with something like a tree, butterfly, or perhaps a bit of Chinese calligraphy. Then attach it to the cuff using metal clamps found at your local craft store.

Wedding Cake Forks

For an adorable wedding gift, take two silver forks and stamp the wedding couple’s names and wedding date on them. Secure them with a ribbon and put them on top of a gift for decoration.

Garden Labels

Take a fork and bend the prongs so that they can hold a piece of metal, perhaps use an old lid from a can of food. Stamp the name of the plant or vegetable on the lid. Stick it into the ground and you have homemade garden labels.

Dog Tags

A great idea is to purchase some dog tags and label them with your dog, or even your child’s information. You can never be too safe in an emergency, and should they get lost someone can just give you a call.

As you can see, the only limit to metal stamping is your imagination. It is a fun craft anyone can excel at, as there are sure to be millions of things around your home that can be personalized using a metal stamp set, and a hammer.


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