An American lady has taken to Twitter to give a narration on an encounter she had with a Nigerian man she met online.

According to her, the man approached her and told her he would love to marry her so he could gain access into the United States of America and they could then divorce once he gets there.

American lady reveals what she did to Nigerian man she met online

She said she was thrilled by his courage and eventually offered to help him.

She wrote:

So this Nigerian man messaged me on twitter and says “hello am wondering if you can marry me so I can gain access to America” …. That was bold !!!

With that being said . He said he wanted to go to school In America . Im currently helping him find a school and so far we have found two that will give him housing and some funds to help. He’d have to get a job but he doesn’t mind at all. It’s always good to help others.


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