So many things are happening across Nigeria this December, and if you intend to come out rejoicing at the end of it all, you need to follow our guide.

1. It’s okay to miss it

Consider ticket prices, and then decide if you can actually afford to attend the concert. Even if you can’t attend, you will be fine eventually.

2. Don’t come on time

With the stories of performers coming three hours late, four hours late, it would be better to come fashionably late to the event.

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3. Come with your squad

Going to a large concert alone is no fun at all. You need fellow fans, or just people to watch your back.

4. Leave your gadgets at home


The stories of people losing their phones at concerts are too much to count. If it isn’t small enough to hold in your hand, you might want to leave it at home. Because of how rowdy the crowd can get at both indoor and outdoor concerts, it’s easy to part ways with gadgets easily.

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5. Stay cautious

To ensure that you are alert at all times, you might want to watch your intake of alcohol and other intoxicating consumables. Concerts can get rowdy to the point that a fight may break out, so you don’t want to be too high or wasted.

6. Don’t carry a lots of cash with you

It would be better to go cashless at such events, as there is a higher possibility that you might part ways with the money if you take it there, whether from impulsive spending or sneaky thieves.

7. Have fun!

The temptation to keep pressing your phone might be strong, but you need to let go and have fun! Immerse yourself in the music and dance and let loose, because, isn’t that what you’re there for anyway?

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