Instagram star, Lil Tay, the self-anointed “youngest flexer of the century,” the kid who does everything from revving “her” Ferraris to tossing stacks of hundred-dollar bills in the air with YouTube star Jake Paul has gotten her mom fired from her job.

Lil Tay whose lines includes “I’m out here flexing to y’all broke-ass haters!” she crows, like a Lost Boy from hell, in one of her Instagram posts. “I got a $350,000 chain, y’all haven’t seen this in your lives, I’m richer than all y’all… y’all broke and jealous”, reportedly got her mum Angela Tian, fired from her plum job as a Vancouver real estate agent for her involvement in those videos.

9-year Old Instagram star Lil Tay gets Mom Fired from Job lailasnews 1

From one of her Instagram videos, it was discovered that one of the apartments in which Lil Tay was flexing belonged to the real estate company her mother worked for. Lil Tay’s mother had been in an open house on the property, when the girl went into the bathroom to shoot one of her videos.

As of last week Angela is no longer attached with our firm,” Jim Lew, director of business development for Pacific Place Group, confirmed to The Verge in an email. “Our firm does not condone this type of behavior and has no place for this in our business.”

However her mother getting fired hasn’t stopped Lil Tay from flexing though, as she continues to share videos on her Instagram.

The nature of social media and outrage culture means that an over-the-top caricature like Lil Tay was bound to go viral. She’s everything we’d hate to become, yet simultaneously aspire to as a culture, enhanced and stuffed into a grotesquely small package. Watching her videos makes you feel something unpleasant has latched onto your brain and started eating.

With over 1.7 million followers on Instagram, Lil Tay is every proverbial car crash you can’t look away from, except in miniature — painfully, cringingly miniature.

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