Nollywood extraordinaire Eniola Badmus is an actress, director and producer who has carved out a successful career in the industry. Eniola has always been proudly plus-size and not allowed her size to slow down her style. Be it on set or at an event, Eniola always makes sure she looks her best.

When you’re not a conventional size, there are a lot of style ‘restrictions’ put onto your body by the mainstream. It’s why the idea of larger women in a mini skirt can seem like a bold move and a big girl wearing a crop top can cause a stir. Looking through fashion websites and magazines, you are inundated by the so-called rules for plus size women but why should a woman need to conceal or drape her curves when she could simply embrace them?

Sometimes, plus-size women feel bound to a set of rules when it comes to dressing and showing off their body but Eniola shows you can throw all those limiting rules out of the window and still look good.

Here are 5 times Eniola Badmus was curvy and killing it!

1. All in one

The stylish and simple jumpsuit is a bold and striking fashion statement, one that Eniola makes often.

When it comes to wearing plus-size jumpsuits, the most important factor is the quality of the fabric. If the material is thin or clingy, it will ride up and look unflattering or lie limp which will highlight all your problem areas. Good quality materials will provide some much-needed structure and flatter your figure.

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When thinking about colour, be more like Eniola and go for a monochromatic jumpsuit which will flatter the curvy silhouette perfectly. Also, go for rich, dark shades that can make your body look elongated therefore making you apply slimmer.

2. Print Party

Who says plus-size girls can’t wear print?! Print may seem daunting because we’ve been taught that the more detail, the bigger you will look but it’s time to stop worrying about how other people perceive you and start enjoying your body and style.

Bigger ladies have been conditioned into thinking that only solid colours work for them and that print is unflattering. However, prints can look equally amazing on plus size girls.

There’s also a misconception among plus size women that choosing loose clothing will help mask their problem areas. While this logic is true to an extent, wearing printed outfits that aren’t your perfect size can go wrong as extra patterned fabric can make you look bigger. The best bet is to choose something that fits you perfectly, not too loose, not too tight just like Eniola in this pretty chain print blue dress.

3. Short and Sweet

Plus-size ladies are constantly having the length of their clothes dictated to them. They’re told they shouldn’t wear anything above the knee in an effort to hide their body but Eniola is always proud to show off her legs.

Being a woman with an ‘unconventional’ body type is tricky and when you constantly battkle with your body image, wearing something like a mini skirt can be incredibly liberating. It’s like a middle finger to an industry which shoves these ‘standards’ of beauty down our throats.

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Eniola can often be spotted in mini dresses like this gorgeous LBD (little black dress). Pair your dress with a sexy pair of heels and you’re good to go!

4. Pop of Colour

We have always been told that the colour black is slimming and plus size women tend to stick to darker colours to mask their shape. Well, time’s up! Yes, you may feel more comfortable in darker colours but you look more radiant when you wear brighter hues.

Do not limit yourself when it comes to playing with colour, the brighter the better. As long as the material is high-quality and the cut is right, you can look as great as Eniola in this orange twist detail dress.

5. Extravagant Aso-Ebi

Often, bigger ladies are told to stick to plain silhouettes when it comes to aso-ebi to avoid accentuating their size but Eniola says ”No”!

Eniola wore this lavender creation by aso-ebi specialist Luminee Couture. Not only did she choose a beautiful, bright colour but we love the avant-garde peplum detail around the torso. Yes, it’s a dramatic design but being big doesn’t mean you cannot express yourself. We are loving the pop of yellow with the head tie too.

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