Stella Damasus pictured here with her husband Daniel Ademinokan says she has been spending time with her family during this lockdown (Instagram/Daniel Ademinokan)

A look at some of the things Stella Damasus said in her interview with Pulse on Instagram Live.

Veteran actress Stella Damasus just made a return to the screen with a new movie ‘Between’ which she also co-produced with along her husband Daniel Ademinokan via their joint-owned Index Two Studios.

Shot in Georgia, United States, Damasus plays the lead role in this flick that has been released on Youtube for free. We got her to speak about the movie in an Instagram Live interview with Pulse which was held on Saturday, April 11, 2020.

In the interview, she also spoke on life in America, plans and her impact in Nigerian films.

These are five things she said in the interview.

1. Staying positive amidst these coronavirus times

Stella Damasus pictured here with her husband Daniel Ademinokan says she has been spending time with her family during this lockdown (Instagram/Daniel Ademinokan)
Stella Damasus pictured here with her husband Daniel Ademinokan says she has been spending time with her family during this lockdown (Instagram/Daniel Ademinokan)

As restriction of movements continues in most parts of the world to curb the spread of coronavirus, Damasus says she is trying to stay positive and spending time with her family.

“’For me I try to see everything from the positive side,” she said.

I know we are all going through all of this, the lockdown, the virus, but the positive side for me is that I have my family together, we are able to bond.

“We read, we play together, we dance, me too I have joined TikTok., But I understand the feeling and how people can get frustrated. It is one of those reasons people are putting out entertainment for people to enjoy.

“We are using this time to appreciate life more, appreciate family more and appreciate God more.

2. Between

Stella Damasus plays the lead in a new movie 'Between' which she co-produced with her husband Daniel Ademinokan [YouTube]
Stella Damasus plays the lead in a new movie ‘Between’ which she co-produced with her husband Daniel Ademinokan [YouTube]

Damasus in the interview reveals that they shoot Between in 2015 which was their first movie in the United States of America.

I told myself If I’m going to come back and do a movie that I would be proud of, it should be a story I’m proud of,” she said.

Something that will give me the opportunity to do something apart from cry.”

She also said working with someone she trusts like her husband made the making of the movie fun for her.

For her, Between is only one of the projects that have come from Index Two Studios, the production company co-owned by Damasus and her husband Ademinokan.

For the future, Damasus said they have been working on a wide range of content. Ademinokan is almost done with a movie title ‘Gun’ which they did for Blue Picture. There is also another movie which she travelled to Nigeria to shoot in January.

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Daniel is planning to do two projects, he’s been doing music videos, filming concerts and just finished filming a comedy show for a top comedian in Los Angeles,” Damasus said.

‘Between’ was released for free on Youtube and Damasus said that was done to entertain people during this lockdown.

It was part of we wanted to do as a gift to the world during the lockdown period,” the 41-year-old actress said.

So this period has taught us that not everything is bout money.

“What is more important than sharing God’s gift. People are on lockdown, they are not working, they are frustrated, no money, so why not put a smile on people first.”

3. The inspiration behind the story of ‘Between’

Damasus in the interview recalled how the original idea of ‘Between’ came from someone who works with them before her husband Ademinokan expanded and developed the story.

When we set up the production company in America, we wanted to make an impact,” she said.

We sat down and started brainstorming. So our production manager brought the idea. So he (Ademinokan) decided to expand the story and started writing.

“At the back of our mind, we knew we had to end with God being glorified. We were not going to glorify being a bad girl.

“We wanted it to end in a positive way and glory God but not also making it a Christian movie so that no matter what religion, or where you are from, you would see the film and have conversations after. We wanted it to spark conversations.”

According to Damasus, it was paramount to them that the movie sparked conversations from people after watching.

The first thing we wanted people to take away from this film, is having conversations,” she said.

We wanted something that when you are done watching, you would turn to your partner, mum, or whoever and talk about it.

We also wanted to open the eyes of people having issues in their marriage to see the real reason.”

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She also said the movie was done to give people a message of hope.

Is there any form of redemption, is there hope? No matter how many times you have been battered?” she said.

4. Reception from Nigerians based in America

With her face in more than 70 movies, Damasus is well-known in Nigeria and anywhere in the world where Nollywood films are consumed.

She doesn’t get to experience being instantly recognised anywhere she goes these days as she is not based in Nigeria. In the United States, it, however, happens anytime she meets Nigerians and for it’s been a wonderful experience.

Nigerians abroad are awesome., They love it when they see their own,” she said.

I have met a lot of people on the streets, they start calling all their white friends and white co-workers and start telling them ‘she’s a star in our country.

“There is this guy that sells food from a food truck, he saw me one day and ran out of his truck shouting.

“Nigerian are everywhere. It’s so good. They see you and you remind them of home.

“It really gives me hope and joy cause our people are so hardworking,. It’s been a wonderful experience.”

5. How she started acting

Stella Damasus says she didn't plan to become an actress
Stella Damasus says she didn’t plan to become an actress

Damasus took us way back to when she first started acting and revealed that she got her first auditioning by chance.

I didn’t get into the industry, I didn’t plan it. It happened by chance and someone saw me and said I should follow them to an audition,” the actress and moviemaker said.

I knew I was in love with entertainment. I was in love with music and that was how I started at Klink Studios where I met the likes of Kingsley Ogoro, Manny Eke, Sammie Okposo and I was singling with them.

“I used to always go to Jazzville in Yaba.

That was what I was doing when someone said ‘come inside and read for me. I like your face and the way you speak,’ and he said ‘I will cast you’.

“I don’t plan steps. It just happened and I just kept looking at God and left it to him. This is me, just enjoying what God has done in my life.


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