Though Nollywood hardly gets sex and nudity right in films, professional actresses are beginning to make sex scenes believable.

In recent time and with recent movie and TV stories, actresses – with the help of directors and cinematographers – have portrayed the authenticity of sexual acts in Nollywood.

Talented movie stars are beginning to embrace sex scenes knowing fully well it’s only a make-believe and not a reflection of their personality.

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It’s important to note that aside moral and cultural take on sex or nude scenes, it takes a great deal of talent and hard work to create realistic sex scenes.

Here is a list of Nollywood movies that failed to justify its nude and sex scenes.

Iretiola Doyle


Give it to Iretiola Doyle when it comes to interpreting movie roles convincingly. Playing the role of Elizabeth in the movie, ‘Fifty,’ can’t be more convincing than the stellar performance the thespian gave. Iretiola aptly depicted the character of Elizabeth, a celebrated obstetrician whose penchant for younger men is legendary. So convincing was the sex scene between Elizabeth and Sammy, played by Emmanuel Ikubese, that it shows how talented Iretiola is.

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Ini Dima-Okojie

For Ini Dima-Okojie, acting out her roles comes natural. Hence, playing out a sex scene convincingly in the shower further gives credit to her acting prowess. The shower sex scene between Teni played by Ini Dima-Okojie and Emeka played by Ayo Umoh in ‘Battleground’ is a testimony to the improvement in Nollywood’s portrayal of the authenticity of sex scenes. In an interview with The Nation in 2016, Dima-Okojie she wouldn’t take anything out a story.

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She said, “Everyone has their own moral codes, and I believe in setting boundaries for whatever one does in life. This helps you stay grounded. As we speak; I don’t like to give definitive answers to anything in life, but as of today, I wouldn’t do a nude movie. Semi-nude or romantic scenes; well, I wouldn’t want to take anything out of a story. So, if it is tastefully done, that is, the director and production team know their onions, and it’s a scene important to the story, of course, I’m ready to do it. The emphasis is on it being professionally done. I’m not keen on having nudes flying around because I’m not a porn star.

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Nse Ikpe Etim


Nse Ikpe Etim has always given her all as a professional thespian. Hence, her ability to make viewers believe she actually had sex with her on-screen lovers and husbands – as the script demands – are some of her biggest achievements. Two scenes, where she was in the bath tub and on the bed with Adjetey Annan in ‘Devil in the Detail’ leaves viewers to their imagination of her sexual abilities.

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Nkechi Blessing Sunday

Nkechi Blessing Sunday is one of the actresses that is becoming a popular face in movies – especially movies that has Yoruba as the spoken language. In the movie ‘Ise Won,’ Nkechi convincingly acted out a sex scene while playing the role of Nnena, a call girl. She’s notable for attracting attention towards her characters in many movies with her voluptuous backside.

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Tope Solaja

Tope Solaja is young and daring. Her acting abilities might not be the best so far, she’s sure certain to improve on her craft with years of exeperience. In the movie, ‘Ise Won,’ which was produced by Solaja, the petite-sized actress made two of her sex scenes believable while playing the role of Doyin, the loose and misguided young girl. Though the quality of the movie production is poor, Solaja was able to play out her role.

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