Uncover your wild side and let’s take you on a tour of some of the most interesting nude beaches in the world.

There are hundreds of places in the world where it is legal to skinny-deep, sunbathe and do other beach activities in the nude. In the whole of Africa, there is just one legal nude beach, while there are numerous in places like Australia and America.

It might still be de-facto legal in a lot of places or maybe even taboo, but these five beaches have fun, eye-catching activities in addition to tanned tourists.

1. Mpenjati Beach, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa


Mpenjati Beach, South Africa (Getty Images)

Africa has lots of lovely beaches but Mpenjati is South Africa’s only official naturist beach — and perhaps the only one in the whole of Africa. The likes of Sandy bay constitute other nudist beaches on the south coast, although unofficial.

Visiting Mpenjati is one the top things to do while at the larger Trafalgar beach, in addition to the national reserve also located there. The 250 metre stretch of beach officially opened in 2014, and not without complications. Months of applications, appeals and public backlashes were the result of the municipality’s decision, resulting in a near crisis as a Concerned Citizens Group argued against the go-ahead.

As expected, there are rules that accompany access to the beach, and these include the prohibition of photographs, no staring and no suggestive behaviour.

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2. Spiaggia di Guvano, Vernazza, Italy


5 interesting nude beaches in the world- Spiaggia di guvano (Cinque Terre outdoor)

Located on the rocky coastlines of Cinque Terre, Spiaggia di Guvano is a picturesque clothing-not-obligatory beach in Italy. The water is clear, clean and gorgeous.

The village surrounding the beach is totally primitive, with no facilities of any kind which adds to the mystique of the whole experience. The beach can only be reached through two means — an hour’s hike down a well-marked crossroad on the path from the village, or, a 15-minute walk through the old, abandoned and unlit railway tunnel Genoa-La Spezia.


5 interesting nude beaches in the world (Inognidove)


3. Neve Midbar, North Dead Sea, Israel


5 interesting nude beaches in the world- Neve Midbar (CNN)

This may be the only place in the Middle East where any kind of public nudity is lawful. Float nude in the ultra-buoyant lake and smear the Dead Sea’s soothing black mud over your entire body, while getting your photo taken.

Neve Midbar is a small, private resort with a section of the shoreline of the northern end of the Dead Sea, set aside for nude beachgoers.

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4. Haulover Beach Park, Miami, Florida


5 interesting nude beaches in the world- Haulover Beach Park (Youtube/YuselRobaina)

You cannot talk beaches without mentioning Maimi. Haulover beach is a 99-acre urban nude beach located on a shoal between the Atlantic ocean and the Biscayne bay. Due to the perfect beach weather in south Florida, there’s usually a naked person on the beach at any given day.

Haulover boasts of attracting more than 1.3 million bare bottomed people to its white sands and warm water each year and is currently the most popular public nude beach in the United States. Most of their crowds gather whenever the park is trying to set a new Guinness World Record for skinny dipping.


5 interesting nude beaches in the world- Haulover beach park (Visit Florida)

5. Cap d’Agde beach, France

Cap d’Adge Naturist Village is the world’s largest clothing-optional beach resort, attracting as many as 40,000 guests on any given day during high season.

Popularly known as the “Naked Village”, nudity is obligatory for anyone lounging on the long public beach while visitors are free to be naked wherever they want — restaurants and stores, post offices or banks, or sailing their boat.

Interesting, aren’t they? Which of these beaches would you like to visit?

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