Nigerians never miss a chance to have a good time or have a feel good. In case you want to organise one, here are 5 essentials for a lit Nigerian party.

1. Jollof rice

Jollof rice is one important part of a Nigerian’s life, in word and in truth. Jollof rice is one of the most common dishes in West Africa, tracing back its origin to the Senegambian region ruled by the Jolof Empire. It is the rice that goes platinum with no features and in the words of popular chef, Ozoz Sokoh, “a party without Jollof rice is just a meeting.”

2. Small chops


Small chops is now a popular food in Nigeria.


Having the basic small chops — puff puff, samosa, spring rolls, chicken, gizzards — is one of the building blocks of an amazing party, especially smaller party. It is one thing that keeps the mouths moving and the stomachs satisfied.

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3. Drinks

Alcohol and other drinks are a staple for every party, talk more of a lit Nigerian party. If you don’t have enough drinks, is it even a party?

4. DJ with a lit playlist

Nigerians appreciate a playlist that will get their waists moving and their blood pumping. No time for dull moment at a Nigerian party, so get a good and knowledgeable DJ or at least a thumping playlist.

5. Space to dance


No-one will miss a chance to bust a move when it comes to Nigerian parties. As long as all the other factors are in place and everyone is happy, there will definitely be dancing. This is a sign that you have organised a successful Nigerian party.

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