Here are 10 common fashion mistakes that men make. Keep reading to make sure you avoid these mistakes and learn how to fix them if you are already neck deep in them.

10 common fashion mistakes that men make and how to fix them

1. DIRTY SHOES: Did you know that your shoes are the first thing that people notice about you? I bet you didn’t know that. Dirty shoes show a dirty person and go a long way to define your personality. Imagine walking into a job interview wearing dirty shoes, I bet you wouldn’t get the job, would you?

FIX: Clean your shoes especially the whites after each use or at the end of the week if you’re too lazy to do it daily. A simple scrubbing brush, clean water and detergent is good for leather shoes but if the shoes are made of fabrics, you could simply throw them into the washing machine separating the whites from the colors.

10 common fashion mistakes that men make and how to fix them

2. SHOWING YOUR BOXERS/SAGGING: We all know that sagging of trousers started in prison where inmates were not allowed to wear belts to prevent the risk of suicide or strangulation of other inmates. So why sag your pants when you’re walking free? Showing off your boxers, pants or briefs no matter how expensive they may be is irresponsible and tacky and if you want people to take you seriously, please pull your trousers up.

FIX: Just use a belt to hold your trousers in place. How hard is that? Lol

10 common fashion mistakes that men make and how to fix them

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3. SOCKS ON SANDALS: Socks do not belong with sandals and they defeat the aim of wearing sandals in the first place. Sandals are great for summer and for airing out your legs. So why cover them with socks again? 

FIX: Ditch the socks when you wear sandals and only wear them with shoes.

4. BIG JEANS: Oversized jeans do not look appealing and they make you tie your belt tighter than normal just to hold them in place. This could make your crotch area bulge out and send the wrong message across. Don’t be that guy that walks around with a swollen crotch. That’s totally laughable. 

 FIX: Wear only jeans that are the right fit and waist size.

10 common fashion mistakes that men make and how to fix them

5. TOO TIGHT TROUSERS: Some guys think it’s cute to wear extremely tight trousers. No. That is not you making a fashion statement, that is you looking ridiculous. Imagine having a boner in public and your pants are too tight to hide it? I’d let you imagine that embarrassing scenario for a minute.

FIX: Wear trousers that are the right fit and that would allow free movement.

6. BUYING HIGH FASHION LABELS JUST FOR SHOW OFF: I keep stressing that you don’t need to splurge on expensive brands to look fabulous. You are only helping these brands with free advertisement with their logos boldly drawn on the front of your shirt. Some guys wear them to look cool or impress their friends but trust me nobody really cares.

FIX: Wear only clothes that look good on you and not necessarily because you want to show off your wealth. Figure out your style and shop accordingly.

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10 common fashion mistakes that men make and how to fix them

7. NOT MATCHING YOUR BELT AND SHOES: At all times, wear the same color of belt and shoes. If you are wearing a brown belt, pair it with brown shoes. Same thing goes for black.

8. BLACK SUITS ARE FOR FUNERALS: Yes, you read that right! Guys don’t be quick to wear that black suit, be it to a weeding or even to work, well except there’s a funeral happening later. 

FIX: The first colors of suit you should consider buying are grey, navy blue etc These are most commonly worn more than black.

10 common fashion mistakes that men make and how to fix them

9. NOT PAYING ATTENTION TO ACCESSORIES: Accessories are like vitamins to fashion and as such you should wear them lavishly. Accessories sweeten, complement and add a final touch of class to your outfit.

FIX: Feel free to wear scarfs, neck ties, lapel pins, lapel flowers and jewelries where appropriate.

10. Having a bad personality: A bad personality mars an outfit no matter how gorgeously dressed you are. It’s like wearing a diamond on a pig.

FIX: Strive to be a better person, admit your flaws and work on them. Treat people nicely. Be better. Do better.

AUTHOR’S BIO: Chukwunonso Ezekwueche is a men’s fashion influencer and content creator that shows men how to dress well without breaking the bank. He is also a licensed pharmacist. Feel free to follow him on Instagram (@_nonsky) for more style tips and inspiration or shoot him an email at [email protected]


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