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Brass stampings are very functional components in jewelry crafting because they can be used with various other jewelry components such as beads to create more elaborate jewelry designs. Brass stampings are an image made from sheet brass that has been struck using machinery known as a die under very high pressure. These dies that are used to make the components that are sold and used can give you service for decades. There is legitimate vintage jewelry that has been made out of the same parts sold in the market currently and they have been made in the exact same way in the industry for all these years. Brass stampings are excellent for incorporation into collage jewelry

Brass Filigree stampings are very useful and interesting especially if you do a lot of beadwork. Their quality is lacey and elaborate plus they have been made in such a way that they are especially malleable which means they can be formed around oddly-shaped stones for which you haven’t found a mount. You can bead through brass filigree stampings and this is known as cagework. With the right plated 28 filigree gauge wire, imagination and determination this technique is not so hard just ensure you work with small beads or pearls.

There are finished, plated brass stampings but most jewelry crafters prefer using raw brass stampings so they can add their own finishes not to mention you can get a lot of variety with your own finish.

Many of the finished plated brass charms can also be accented using paints and enamels but the most favored type of finish would have to be a brass ox. Ox, in this case, means oxidized or antiqued; therefore a brass oxidized finish could be the same as an antique brass plate. If you want to have vintage style jewelry then you should probably use brass oxidized plated stampings. Plated brass stampings offer an amazing durable feature which holds up when it is stamped.

You can get these brass stampings in different thicknesses such as 25-gauge brass stampings which make it easier for you to get a great impression when incorporating fine detailing or unique shapes into your jewelry stamping DIYs.

Brass stampings that have a 26-gauge thickness offer a thin surface for your metal stamping thus working specifically well when making subtle impressions. You can select from various pre-cut stylish shapes comprising of 2-part sandwich blanks to make sandwich blanks. It is advisable to anneal these stamping blanks first before DIY  embossing to soften the metal.



When you commit to making your own hand stamped metal jewelry there can be some mistakes that can occur such as blurred or double images and so you will need to use jewelry stamping machines such as presses for the extra force needed. Presses offered in the market will increase your productivity and efficiency by making sure you get deep and accurate impressions or imprints in your metal stampings. There are different kinds of jewelry stamping presses available each with tailored to suit specific needs.

The Manual Hydraulic Press

When the hammer just does not get the design right, you can opt for the 10-Ton Manual Hydraulic Press which provides the force you need to get the best impression. This press delivers up to 10-tons of force with just a several repetitions of the hydraulic pump. There is a convenient pressure gauge which enables you to know how much pressure you are delivering with every pump. This enables you to produce accurate results every time. This manual press is very good for marking plastics, leather, wood and metals.

Impact/ Hand Operated Percussion Presses

These presses are safe and easy to operate and they can be used anywhere in the workshop or factory. To mark the material you will need to compress and release a spring loaded ram; this makes the spring compression easy to be adjusted fast. You can attach Type & Number dies or Custom made Steel Stamps to these Impact presses which make them very adjustable and versatile marking machines.

The Percussion or Impact presses can be found in 3 types of marking load sizes:

–    7.15 Ton

–    3.3 Ton

–    0.55 Ton

Stamping presses also prevent you from hitting your fingers or damaging jewelry blanks by inaccurately hitting them using the typical hammer process. They have an adjustable arm which can accommodate round stamps of any thickness up to 3/8” or square stamps up to 6 inches in thickness.

Stamping Pliers

These are used in conjunction with jewelry stamps to position the stamps precisely how you want them on your pieces of jewelry. Stamping pliers provide a simple, fast and effective way to mark flat pieces or rings and they don’t need much effort plus they come with flat and curved anvils.

How to use a stamping press

  1. Put the metal blank on the rotating platform under the stamp
  2. On the arbor press, turn the handle until you can feel it interconnect with the stamp
  3. Line up the stamp with the area you want to be imprinted on the jewelry blank
  4. Apply constant pressure to the arbor press handle
  5. Strike the top of the press while holding the handle several times with a hammer
  6. Release the arbor press handle when done
  7. Lift the stamp away from the jewelry blank and you will see the finished impression
  8. To mark another impression, easily and quickly change out different stamps and repeat the same process.



Hand stamping your own jewelry is a great way to customize it or add a personal touch especially if it is for someone else. Not to mention the procedure is not difficult so long as you have all the necessary tools.

What You Need

–    A permanent marker

–    Painter’s Tape

–    Metal stamps

–    Jewelry blanks

–    A steel bench block

–    A brass hammer

Before Starting

Label your silver colored stamps easily using the permanent marker and if your metal stamps are dark in color, mark the front of each stamp using a dot of light colored nail polish and add lettering to those stamps so you can identify the stamps easily and quickly.

Before you start using your metal blanks practice stamping on a few layers of paper or you can press the stamps on an ink pad and then press them on paper. This will help to give you an idea of how the stamps will be lined up before you start using the stamps on the metal blanks.

Make sure the steel bench block is on a solid surface; you can also use a piece from a non-slip rubber mat or a leather sandbag to help you muffle the high-pitched sound that is a result of striking metal to another metal.

  1. You will proceed to place the stamps intended for use in a line and then tape the steel bench block and the metal blank together. The tape serves to guide you in keeping the stamps in a straight line and holding the blank in position so it does not move when striking the stamps. Using a permanent marker, draw a straight line if you don’t want to use tape. Set the stamp in place using the straight edge of the tape, hold it straight up and down then strike a single solid blow with the hammer.

If you want to follow the shape that the metal blank is in, trace it out onto the painter’s tape and then cut it out. Put the cut painter’s tape on the blank ensuring you follow the shape of the blank and leaving enough space for stamping of the letters. Follow the instructions for striking to line the stamps up and making the impressions on the metal.

  1. In order to bring out the stamped design, you’ll want to colorize the imprinted letters. The jewelry piece can be oxidized with the use of a liver of sulfer treatment and followed up by buffing and sanding to clear away the liver of sulfer from the high points. Use a permanent marker to color in the stamped imprints more quickly thus bringing them out.
  2. Using the rubber alcohol and the paper towels, immediately swipe over the jewelry blank to easily remove the permanent marker. There is also the option of buying stamps with images to enhance the element of design on your jewelry pieces. Once you’ve finished stamping the jewelry, it will need a hole punched in and the addition of a jump ring so it is ready for a finished design.



Metal stamping is one craft that offers so many options. Metal stamps come in all different symbols, letters, and shapes. This allows for anyone’s creativity to soar. You can purchase a metal stamping set and stores like Michael’s Crafts, and Harbor Freight Tools among others. It is a very simple craft; all it requires is a hammer and a metal medium of your choice. After stamping, one trick is to run a black permanent marker across the stamping, then immediately wipe it off with a damp paper towel. The ink will stay in the stamped area and add depth to it, to make it more visible. Here are some amazing and unique stamping ideas.

Personalized Christmas Ornaments

You can easily buy some metal shapes to make a Christmas tree, snowman, or a simple shaped metal ornament. Stamp it with the last name and year of your family, or the family you are giving it to as a cherished and heartfelt gift.


If you are an avid reader, you can make a metal stamped bookmark that is personalized with an inspiring quote or your name and phone number. That can be helpful if you leave your book somewhere.

Charm Bracelet

You cannot get a more personalized charm for your charm bracelet than one you’ve made yourself. This is even better if it is going to be a gift, and much less expensive than the jewelry store.

Metal Napkin Rings

This is a cheap, easy idea that allows you to make personalized napkin rings for a special dinner. Everyone will know where they sit, and can take the napkin ring as a gift.

Labels for Canning Jars

Metal stamped canning jar labels make your pantry look quaint and extra organized. They can be hot glue gunned onto the jars and decorated with ribbon.

Business Card Holder

You can metal stamp your name onto a metal business card holder for your desk. Use a soft metal, like copper, so you can bend it in a shape that will hold your cards for easy access. This has a really professional look as opposed to generic holders.

Leather Statement Cuffs

Most jewelry stores sell leather cuffs, simply get a metal plate and stamp your favorite quote on metal along with something like a tree, butterfly, or perhaps a bit of Chinese calligraphy. Then attach it to the cuff using metal clamps found at your local craft store.

Wedding Cake Forks

For an adorable wedding gift, take two silver forks and stamp the wedding couple’s names and wedding date on them. Secure them with a ribbon and put them on top of a gift for decoration.

Garden Labels

Take a fork and bend the prongs so that they can hold a piece of metal, perhaps use an old lid from a can of food. Stamp the name of the plant or vegetable on the lid. Stick it into the ground and you have homemade garden labels.

Dog Tags

A great idea is to purchase some dog tags and label them with your dog, or even your child’s information. You can never be too safe in an emergency, and should they get lost someone can just give you a call.

As you can see, the only limit to metal stamping is your imagination. It is a fun craft anyone can excel at, as there are sure to be millions of things around your home that can be personalized using a metal stamp set, and a hammer.



It can be difficult to choose the ideal metal stamp set for your craft projects or jewelry seeing as there are so many selections available depending on what you are looking for.

Size of the Metal Stamps

This is in reference to the height of the impression that has been stamped. For alphabetical metal stamps, the average height of the letter is what the metal stamp size is based on. You should know that the size of the stamped impressions differs based on the striking force and the material used to make the stamp.

Identification and Orientation of the Metal Stamps

The letters on the metal stamps are formed backwards as the impression’s mirror image making it easier to stamp a letter backwards by mistake. To aid in proper orientation of the stamps you can look for one that has the maker’s mark engraved at the front of the shaft. You will hold the stamp with the logo facing your direction thus helping you never stamp a letter backwards again. Alternatively, you can mark the front of the letter stamp with paint if it does not have an orientation logo on it. Pinpointing letters with elaborate typefaces in metal stamp sets can be challenging and this is why other alphabet stamp sets have their respective letters marked on the side of the shaft.

Different Typefaces for Letter Stamps

There is a wide range of both lowercase and uppercase typefaces that letter stamps come in ensuring you get various styles for your stamped crafts and jewelry. It is important to consider that a larger stamp with a more intricate typeface will need you to use more force when stamping so that you can get a cleaner impression. If you are a beginner it is recommended that you begin with a simpler alphabet metal letter stamp set. Elaborate metal letter stamp sets are advisable for those who are better accustomed to handling a hammer.

Types of metal stamps

If you are just getting started on metal stamping then the best option is economy stamps because they are affordable. They don’t have markings for orientation or identification on the shaft. They are coated with oil when bought to prevent rust. They are also made for use with softer metals and materials.

Standard metal stamps have a plated finish that’s oil free to prevent rust. Each of the shanks is indented with the stamp image for better identification and has a logo for easier orientation when stamping. They come in a wide range of designs and fonts and have storage cases with indicated slots for each stamp for organization purposes. They are designed to be used on soft metals as well.

Premium metal stamps or particularly made to be used on harder metals like stainless steel and have a lifetime guarantee feature. Their sets come in storage cases that also have marked slots for every stamp.



Metal stamping is a wonderful way to add a customized and personal feel to your craft projects and if you get the right supplies and tools for metal stamping, you can be sure they will be able to serve you for years to come. Not to mention there are metal stamping supplies that are easy enough to use if you are just starting out.

Jewelry stamping supplies

You have the option of getting the mini kit which is compactly economical or the large metal stamping kit. The mini kit comprises of the necessities needed to hand stamp your own jewelry such as the number and letter stamp sets, one 4-face hammer, a steel block and a 10-piece file set. The full kit is more extensive and includes number and alphabet stamp sets, a brass brush, a nylon hammer, a chasing hammer, metal shears, a metal hole punch, one steel block and a 10-piece file set. Whichever kit you buy will work well with your blanks once you buy the assortment of metal stamping blanks separately. They come in a variety of pre-cut metal blanks in aluminum, brass and copper and a metal sheet.

Number and Letter Stamps

You can customize your metal stamps using solid stamping sets that come in both uppercase and lowercase fonts. You can get 9-piece number stamp sets, 27-piece alphabet stamp sets and 36-piece alpha-numeric stamp sets which comprise of both letters and numbers. Heights of the letters vary from 1/16”to 1/12” ensuring you have stamping flexibility. You can also get 12-piece punctuation stamp sets enabling you to punctuate and also create borders and abstract patterns. You can use .999FS and Sterling stamps for precious silver designs.

Design stamps

Decorative stamps will give you designs that are unique as these hand stamping sets enable you to add symbols, patterns and design components to metal. There are manufacturers that make everything from representational figures, nautical designs, swirls, leaves, and hearts to zodiac signs. These types of stamps are to be used with 24-gauge soft metals and this includes pre-cut metal stamping blanks and metal sheets.

Stamping Hammers

There is a wide range of hammers that are perfect for making customized stamped metal jewelry from various manufacturers. The tips below can be used in determining which hammer works best in conjunction with your other metal stamping supplies:

–    Nylon heads provide a softer head for straightening and smoothing deformed metal without damaging it.

–    Texturing hammers have steel heads as well making them perfect for the direct addition of textures to sheet metal and stamping blanks made of softer metals.

–    Steel heads have a variety of styles ball pen hammers and chasing hammers included all of which are great for directly shaping and texturing metal blanks and metal sheets.

–    Brass heads are ideal for striking metal stamps and are always recommended when hitting metal stamps considering brass is softer than steel aiding in damage prevention of your stamps.

Everything You Need to Know to Get Started With Metal Stamping


Metal stamping is a great way to personalize jewelry, gifts, and just about anything else you can think of. All you need are a few basic supplies and a little creativity to get started.

The Four Keys to Metal Stamping

1) Practice

Like everything else, practice makes perfect. But the nice thing about metal stamping is that it’s actually pretty easy and definitely something you can master after a few tries. I recommend getting a piece of scrap metal to practice on before moving on to something more valuable. You can get scrap metal at any hardware store, just make sure to tell them it’s for stamping so they don’t give you anything too thick.

2) Supplies

You probably already have most of these already but here’s a quick guide to what you’ll need to get started.

Stamps – You can find metal stamps at any craft store or on-line. I recommend starting with the alphabet and then moving on to other shapes after you’ve had some practice and are sure you want to continue with the hobby.
Hammer – Any old hammer will do but the pros use a brass hammer which they claim distributes the impact more evenly so you get better looking stamps. I use a regular hammer and have been happy with the results so if you’re just starting out I recommend you do the same.

Steel Block – This is what you’ll do your stamping on. I’ve tried stamping
on a wood surface before but you really need to use a thick solid piece of metal to keep everything from moving around while you’re working. Concrete or stone is more likely to scratch your metal and is not a good option.

Masking Tape – This is to keep what you’re working on lined up in the same position so you can stamp in a straight line.

Ruler or Tape Measure – You’ll want to measure out the spacing of your letters before you get started to make sure they’re even.

And of course, something to stamp! I’ve included some ideas of what to stamp below.

You can buy a full metal stamping kits and blank jewelry on amazon for pretty cheap.

3) Lining It Up

This is the first step in making something you’ll be proud of. Taking the time to measure out the spacing of your letters ensures they’ll be lined up correctly and will help give your project a professional look. I’ve definitely been guilty of rushing this step and usually end up with something I’m too embarrassed to give away as a gift. It’s a somewhat tedious but essential part of the process. Part of the charm of jewelry you’ve stamped yourself is that it isn’t perfect, but if it’s too uneven it will look sloppy.

First you want to tape the metal you’ll be stamping to your metal block with masking tape. Tape to be just below the stamp area. Try and get the tape as straight as possible so you’ll have an edge to follow.

Next you’ll need to measure out the spacing of your letters. If you want a letter every ⅛ of an inch you draw a line on the tape every ⅛ of an inch using your ruler or tape measure. Then you just have to center your stamps against the edge of the tape at each line to make sure everything is straight and evenly spaced.

Or, if you don’t care about even spacing you can just wing it. Heck, it’s your jewelry!

4) The Strike

No pressure, but you only get one chance to get it right. After you’ve lined up your stamp this is the
moment of truth; this is where the magic happens. And for most beginners, this is the most nerve wracking part of the whole thing.

They key to a good strike is to hit the stamp firm and square. Hit it too hard and you can bend the jewely. Don’t hit it hard enough and your stamp won’t be visible. And you can only hit each stamp one time. If you try hitting it again you’ll get a blurry double image.

Most people are worried they’ll hit themselves. I know because that was my fear when I first started. But as long as you keep a firm grip on the stamp and keep your eyes on the spot you want to hit with the hammer you’ll be just fine. I’ve never hit my hand and I’ve been doing this a long time.

So make sure you practice enough with your scrap metal to the point where you can make the same hit time after time and you’re comfortable doing so. After a little bit of practice you’ll be ready to start personalizing your jewelry!

Metal Stamping Ideas

If you’ve found my blog you probably already have some metal stamping project ideas lined up but here are a few of my favorites:

Pet tags: I have pets and a lot of my friends have pets so this is where I started. You can get blank tags at your local pet store. They’re a great option because tags are pretty inexpensive and it won’t be a big deal if you make a mistake on one. They make great gifts and everyone I’ve given one to has really appreciated it.

Charm Bracelets: Great for kids and adults. You can buy blank charms and the stamp anything you like on to them.

Necklace: Buy a blank charm with a hole already drilled into it to personalize. This is an especially nice gift for all the girls in your family. You can stamp their names and birthdays.

Guitar Pick: For your favorite musician you can find metal guitar picks and stamp their name or band name into it. Just make sure they don’t lose it!

Keys: Put a code on your extra keys to remember which door they unlock. I started doing this for my extra sets I give to people staying at our house. 1 is for the front gate, 2 is for the front door, and three is for the garage.


Do you have any tips or other metal stamping ideas? Leave them in the comments and thanks for reading!

Improve Your Child’s Immunity With These Tips


The hardest part of being a parent is when you see your kids sick. Yes, it is normal for your little kids to get fever, cough, or cold once in a while. However, if the virus, bacteria and sickness are taking over their lifestyle and being a barrier in their development then you should really need to act. Here are some of the ways to boost your kid’s immune system. Follow these rules and you are sure that your kids will be healthy and happy.

Many mother stop breastfeeding as soon as they see their kids getting comfortable in processed milks or milk powders. However, there’s no better source of a complete nutrition than breast milk. The yellow colostrums, which come out in the early days after the labor, are proved to have antibodies that can protect babies from many illnesses, such as diarrhea and meningitis. So make sure to breastfeed your babies as often as possible. This will be the foundation of their health when they grow up. Note: Breast milk is good for babies up to two years.

Eating Fruits and Veggies
Fruits and vegetables are great sources of vitamins and minerals, as well as other nutrients to boost your kids’ health.Be sure to have them in your family’s daily menu.

Make Hygiene a Habit
Teach your kids proper hygiene as soon as they can. Acts like washing their hands thoroughly with soap before having meals, after using bathroom, after playing, and after handling their pets; and brushing their teeth after each meals will keep them healthy.

Lack of sleep can lead to the decline of body’s immunity, so make sure that your kids get enough sleep everyday. A baby should sleep more than 12hours a day. A child should always have 8 hours of sleep as well as a nap in the middle of the day. Taking a nap everyday is a good way to make your children have enough sleep. If they refuse it, put them to bed earlier in the evening. Also do not let them use any gadgets while at bed.

Doing Exercises or Outdoor Activities

Give your kids a chance to play, have fun and exercise. This will make them stronger and will also mold their personality. Playing soccer, hiking, and swimming are examples of exciting activities for your kids.

TIP: If your kids agreed and followed all these tips, give them a treat like a video game or a new cellphone just don’t forget to use a half.com promo code to get discounts.

A Guide For All New Will Be Parents Out There


First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! You found out that you are having your first baby! Here’s an ebay coupons to celebrate!

Now having a baby is truly amazing and life changing. Babies can turn your world upside down and can make you smile no matter what is happening in your crazy world. But remember. Having a baby is also not a joke. Parenting is hard! You should be prepared for the new baby: mentally, physically and emotionally. Let BoldButterBaby help you with that.

Mentally and Emotionally

Grow up! You are having a baby now and it’s time that you put away all your childish act. It’s not all about you now. It’s all about the baby. Gone are the days where you can travel whenever you are using your Promorider coupons. Now whenever you travel, you need to think. can the baby travel as well? Some people cant also accept the fact that they are having a baby and they are growing old. But you are! So accept it and condition your mind that from now on, there’s going to be an additional person that you should care about.


There is nothing more tiring than taking care of a new baby. All those crying at nights, checking the diapers and feeding milk, it would definitely exhaust you. So be physically prepared by making your body healthy. Get enough sleep while the baby is still not there, eat healthy and quit all your vices – smoking, drinking and others. Second hand smoking are very bad so don’t ever smoke in front of your baby.

Being physically prepare also means the surroundings. Prepare your house by building a nursery or at least buying a crib for your baby (if you plan on staying in one room). Also prepare a cabinet where you can put all the baby’s clothes. You also need to pack up the essentials (lotions, diaper wipes, diaper, milk, alcohol, bibs, towels etc) in one place and also have a traveling bag with it. Also dont forget the feeding utensils like baby bowls, breast pumps and feeding bottles. You will also need to think about getting a baby chair too; baby chair for the house (at the right height for the dining table) and a baby chair for the car (for traveling). Some baby chairs can be adjusted to fit the adult dining chair AND fit into the car at the same time. So get that.

Have Fun

We know being a parent can be stressful. Just enjoy every moment with your little ones. If you feel stressed go out on a vacation. Here’s a tip instead of staying at a hotel, make an airbnb reservation this way, you and your baby can feel at home while taking a vacation. Unlike at hotels, you’ll be limited to a single space.

So there you have it a guide for all you expecting parents out there. We do hope that this article had help many new parents out there. Follow the suggestions above and you dont need to worry anymore. You will be fine. Stick with us here at BoldButterBaby and we will give you more parenting advice from time to time.

Ways To Save Money While Buying Baby Clothes


Buy Gently Used Clothing

You know kids grow up fast right? So there’s definitely a lot of gently used clothing out there and you should watch out for those. There are hidden gems in some gently used clothing so head over to goodwill stores (a staple store for gently used clothing) or find some yard/garage sales (You can get some unbelievable deals shopping at the yard sales and garage sales right in your own neighborhood. For the best shopping, check your local newspaper to locate sales and map out your route. And remember to go early in the morning so you’ll get the best selection of items)

Shop the Discount Racks

Wait for items to go on sale and only shop at the discount racks. It’s almost end of the year right now and the end of the year (usually after Christmas) is the best time to shop for discounts. Watch out for Old Navy and The Gap as they usually run terrific sales at the end of the year

Shop Online

Online products usually cost less this is because they dont need to rent a place for a brick and mortar store, no electricity to pay etc – in short their overhead cost is less. So make it a habit to shop online. By shopping online, you are not only saving money but also saving time. No need to go to the mall and fall in line and no need to encounter traffic. You can visit ebay as they are the leading online store in America and don’t forget to use this coupons for ebay. You can find almost everything from there.

Coupon Code

Coupon codes are everywhere! It used to be a big hit with people cutting it in newspapers, brochures etc. Now, it grows even bigger wit the help of the online world. You can easily copy paste a coupon code to save money. There are different types of coupon codes. Some can let you save a certain amount of money like $30. Some will take off a certain percentage like this 15% off fleshlight coupon codes. Some coupons let you have a free delivery while some can give you a free item like Buy one Take one.

Tip: Before you purchase clothing through online retail stores, Google the name of the store and the phrase “coupon code.”Well known stores always have coupons for their customers to enjoy. So you just need to find them.